The Problem

Challenges faced by "Cell Pros" before working with our agency:

  • Limited online presence: "Cell Pros" had a local shop in Hamburg, Germany, but they lacked a strong online presence. This limited their reach to a broader customer base beyond their physical location.
  • Incomplete product information: The existing online presence of "Cell Pros" did not provide comprehensive product information for all the iPhone, Samsung phone, and tablet models they offered. This made it difficult for customers to find the specific spare parts and accessories they were looking for.
  • Inefficient product categorization: The previous website of "Cell Pros" did not have well-organized product categories. This made it challenging for customers to navigate and find the products they needed, resulting in a poor user experience.

Business Location

Hamburg, Germany

Logo Concepts

How our agency helped “Cell Pros” with their new website:

  1. Website design and development: We designed and developed a new website for “Cell Pros” that showcased their wide range of cell phone spare parts, accessories, and shop fittings. The website was visually appealing, user-friendly, and responsive, ensuring a seamless browsing experience across different devices.

  2. Comprehensive product categorization: We created a well-structured product categorization system on the website, allowing customers to easily find the specific spare parts and accessories they were looking for. The product categories were organized by brand, model, and type, making the navigation intuitive and efficient.

  3. Detailed product information: We ensured that each product listing on the website included comprehensive information about the compatibility, features, and specifications. This helped customers make informed purchasing decisions and reduced the need for additional inquiries.

  4. Search functionality: We implemented a robust search functionality on the website, enabling customers to search for specific iPhone, Samsung phone, and tablet models or product names. This made it convenient for customers to quickly locate the desired products.

  5. E-commerce integration: We integrated an e-commerce platform into the website, allowing customers to make online purchases directly. This provided a convenient and streamlined shopping experience for customers and expanded the sales opportunities for “Cell Pros.”

  6. Localization and language support: Considering “Cell Pros” operates in Hamburg, Germany, we incorporated localization features such as displaying prices in Euros and providing German language support. This enhanced the user experience for their local customers.

By addressing these challenges and developing a new website, “Cell Pros” was able to enhance their online presence, improve customer experience, and expand their customer base beyond their physical shop in Hamburg. The comprehensive product categorization and detailed information increased customer satisfaction, leading to higher conversion rates and sales for “Cell Pros”.

Customer Reviews

     What our Customers think about us

Omer Sehgal Business Owner

What a great Man behind this ..... Great work with full customer satisfaction ! they change our business into Brand n wish you best of luck for more success stories !

Affan Business Owner

It is such a relief that they are handling everything for me from designs, ads, and even website. I am working with them since last year and it is a great experience so far. Professional team with experience and dedication.

Waheed Business Owner

I am running an online Clothing business. They really helped me improve my business in ways I never thought i could.

Adeel Business Owner

Very Professional staff. They listen and they have solution for everything. They know what they are doing.

Haider Business Owner

You guys really made it easier for me to handle my business. From uploading content to running ad campaigns to customer management everything is PERFECT!!

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